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SugarSync versus Dropbox

SugarSync and Dropbox both perform a similar function: they both sync files between two computers by having a location in the cloud where files are stored and updated. What’s the difference between the two?

Both of them have some similar features:

  • Files stored in the cloud
  • Automatic upload and download of files
  • You can work offline (off the internet), and when you get back online any changes will get synced
  • Files are encrypted when transferred and stored
  • Saves previous versions of documents
  • Files can also be accessed through a web browser, if you’re not at your own computer
  • Share files with others using permissions
  • Mobile versions of software (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) for access to files on the go
  • Work on Windows and Mac

Here’s more info on each one.


Price: 5GB for free. Costs $5/month for up to 30GB of storage. $10/month for up to 60GB, $15/month for 100GB, and $25 for 250GB. Can also get custom plans over 250GB.


  • Can sync any folders between computers (easiest if the folders have the same name)
  • Can sync your iTunes or your iPhoto library; can even stream your music to your iPhone over the web
  • They now have business accounts, where one admin can set up multiple desktop computers to sync
  • They say you can store files of any size–haven’t tested this
  • Can sync more than 250GB of data


  • I find it is buggy–at times the folders that are supposed to sync get un-selected and syncing stops
  • For some people, may be hard to remember which folders are syncing


Price: 2GB for free. $10/month for 50GB, $20/month for 100GB.


  • Easy to figure out what is syncing
  • Stored files are encrypted with AES-256 (as opposed to AES-128 which SugarSync uses)
  • None of our clients have had the auto sync stop working, as some have with SugarSync


  • Only syncs the files inside the Dropbox folder
  • Can’t get a plan for more than 100GB of data

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