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Microsoft Exchange for Mac

What are the advantages of using Microsoft Exchange with a Mac, instead of using Google Apps or MobileMe or another solution?

Transcript of the video:

Microsoft Exchange and Mac are a pretty good solution that we recommend for some business and home users. We don’t set up Exchange servers, but there are hosted Microsoft Exchange providers. We use one called Intermedia; they’ve been around awhile.

People use it with Microsoft Outlook, or Entourage if they haven’t updated yet. (They should update if they’re on Entourage.) You can also use it with Apple Mail, Address Book, and iCal, although you lose some of its benefits if you do.

Why do we recommend Microsoft Exchange for clients? Basically because it is the most robust synchronization system that we are aware of.

It works better than MobileMe did. ICloud isn’t out yet so we can’t speak to that. It works better than Google Apps or Gmail does.

It is more expensive–it costs a minimum of $7.50 per month per mailbox, and you need a minimum of 3 mailboxes, at least at Intermedia.

Outlook’s a good program, and the sync really does just work, with fewer headaches than anything else. We don’t set everyone up with it, but we set certain people up with it if we think it’s the right solution.

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