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5 Cool Accessories for Mac, iPhone, iPad at MacWorld

We’re here at MacWorld, attending sessions and looking at all the new stuff on display. Here are 5 interesting accessories we’ve seen so far on the show floor.

1) Bluetooth keypad/calculator, from SMK-Link, $60
The new iMacs don’t come with a numberpad next to the keypad—and on the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, forget it! This standalone numberpad functions as a calculator. Great if you do a lot of financial or numbers work. And it’s wireless, thanks to Bluetooth.

2) Zaggkeys Flex, $80
This mini keyboard to use with your iPad has real keys (none of that rubbery stuff) but it’s super tiny and light. Plus the case for the keyboard protects it in your bag, and also folds back into an iPad stand.

3) iKeyboard, $35
Their motto is “Touch type on your iPad keyboard” and this thin piece of plastic adheres to your iPad—when you want to touch type, stick it over the onscreen keyboard. It definitely needs a little getting used to.

4) Flygrip, $30
Stick this little piece of plastic on the back of your iPhone, and then you can hold your iPhone with your middle and ring fingers. While still having full access to the screen with your thumb. You don’t need to hold with one hand and type with the other. Comes in many colors as well as different sizes. If this were $10 I would buy one to play around with it, but I didn’t feel like spending $30.

5) NomadBrush, $18 and $39
This paintbrush is designed to work on your iPad, and it allows you to actually “paint” using a drawing or art program. Much more fluid and flexible than a stylus, gives you the real look of a brushstroke on paper. The more expensive model actually has 2 brushes, one on each end of the device.

(all photos are from the websites of the manufacturers.)

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