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Tech at the Auto Show

We went to the New York Auto Show this week and were excited to see how car companies are using technology, both in the cars themselves and for tracking customers.

Many of the newest cars have sophisticated tech built into them:

Lexus has their own “Enform” app that allows you to use your iPhone or iPad’s mobile applications while in the car. That includes Bing, Pandora, Yelp, OpenTable, and Movie Most of them will work with the voice recognition software.

Lexus iPad controller

Ford has their “Sync” system built into their high-end vehicles. It’s a touchscreen built into the dashboard, plus it has voice recognition, and it allows you to do everything from changing the inside temperature to switching the radio station to calling anybody in your address book.

Ford in-car controls

Chrysler (pictured) and Hyundai also have their own computerized dashboards that allow you to control everything with a touch screen.

Chrysler dashboard

A company has purchased the Delorean brand and is custom-making Delorean cars that look exactly the same as the cars you remember from the 1980s–except that they are completely electric, with giant batteries are in the back. Cost for the car is about $90,000.

Delorean plugged in Delorean trunk

Fisker has a hybrid car with solar panels on the roof, to keep the battery charged up.

Fisker ad

Many of the car companies are also using various technologies to keep track of potential customers:

Lexus can collect people’s email addresses on the iPad and instantly send them information about the cars of their choice.

Lexus data collection on the iPad

Another car company (which shall remain nameless, because they’re not using iPads!) was using smaller tablets to collect contact info.

Tablet for collecting customer info

Mercedes salespeople were using iPads with hand straps.

Mercedes using iPad on the sales floor

Ford was using the iPhone to collect customer information and send invites for test drives.

Ford salespeople using iPhone

Volvo used iPads as well as customized iMacs in their lounge area to provide more info on their vehicles.

Volvo info station iMac used in the Volvo lounge

We’re happy to see how technology is making driving safer, as well as eliminating the paper waste that are so often given away at trade shows.

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