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How to Give your iPhoto Photos to a Non-iPhoto User

Do you want to export your entire iPhoto library so you can give it to someone who doesn’t use iPhoto or doesn’t have a Mac? If you try to do it manually, by exporting each album, one at a time, the process can be very time-consuming. Here are two easier ways to do it.

What’s New in iPhoto ’11

List and description of the features that are new in iPhoto ’11.

Apple Announcements: What’s New, What We Think

Here’s the roundup of Apple announcements yesterday, and our take on each one.

Syncing iPhoto and iTunes Libraries Across Multiple Mac Computers

Solutions for syncing iPhoto and iTunes libraries across multiple computers.

Who’s the Best Online Greeting Card Printer?

Test results from 4 online greeting card printing services.

How to back up your iPhoto images

If you want to back up just your iPhoto images (your library) to an external source, such as a hard drive or CD/DVD, you need to know where to find them. Here’s what to do.

Make Your Own Books with Blurb Software

You may already be making books and cards using the built-in capabilities of iPhoto. But there are other sources out there for making books too. Blurb is a piece of software you download to your computer. It’s for Mac and Windows. Then you paste images and text, you can resize images, you can format text, […]

iPhoto Calendar

My 2010 calendar, made in iPhoto with photos from my trips over the years, showed up about a week ago. It looks great. Most of the photos came out very sharp and colorful. My only comments are: 1. I’m glad I manually lightened and color-adjusted all the images. They would have been too dark otherwise. […]

Make Your Own Holiday Cards on Your Mac

It’s getting close to holiday time again–which means it’s time for me to start on the IvanExpert holiday cards. Each year, we send out holiday/New Year’s cards to our top clients, and the cards always feature a photo I’ve taken somewhere in NYC. So yesterday I used iPhoto’s amazing card printing service (yes, built right […]

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