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It's time to change your passwords -- seriously

A bug, nicknamed "Heartbleed," was recently discovered in a widely used method of protecting communications between your computer and your online services. 

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Apple security flaw found — please install the latest Apple updates!

Heads up: A security flaw was discovered on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. It affects secure communications between your computer and web sites. While there's little cause to panic, it turns out that it's theoretically possible for someone to listen on those secure communications without you being warned about it, though not without a fair bit of trickery. It's extremely unlikely that you've been affected by this.

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Our New iPhone Contact App!

Now up in the iPhone app store: Our IvanExpert app that makes it easy to contact us for Mac, iPhone, or iPad support. 

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January Is Mac Backup Month

Our New Year’s resolution is to make sure our clients’ data is backed up. Are you fully backed up? Are you sure?

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FaceTime and iMessage: So cool, yet so confusing

FaceTime and iMessage are both really cool, and really confusing. Here's a quick rundown as to how to put them to work for you.

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Holiday Tech Gifts for 2013

Chanukah comes early this year (November 27)! And Christmas comes, well, December 25th...

These are the coolest tech products we've seen this year, in a few different categories. So whether you're looking for a small stocking stuffer or a truly special gift, we've got some ideas for you. Some of these are available only online, so order soon.

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Apple Announcements

Boom! Apple announced a ton of things on Tuesday. Here's what they are and what we think of them.

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New iPhones! New iPhones! New iPhones!

In case you have hadn't heard, Apple held an event this week, and announced...wait for it...wait for iPhones! And a couple of other things.

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Expert Tips & Tricks for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

This month we asked some of our Experts to tell us their favorite Mac, iPhone, and iPad tips. We hope at least one or two of them will increase your productivity and overall happiness!

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Take Control of Your Mac with Great Ebooks

Those of you who have worked with us here at IvanExpert know that we have a philosophy behind what we do. We believe that computers should be fun, empowering, and easy to use. Macs should work for you, not the other way around. It's one of the reasons why, when we come to help you, we try to understand what you need before we touch your technology -- everyone needs something a little different, and we want to make your computer as approachable as possible.

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