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The Apple Watch Is Here

Or, more specifically, on my wrist. I confess that I was an Apple Watch skeptic; I don't wear a watch, and I didn't really feel the need to start, since my iPhone does a perfectly capable job of keeping the time, and I always have it on me. But every time Apple would demo the watch during one of their presentations, I'd find myself oohing and aahing. Then I'd go back to wondering what I'd possibly need it for.

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March 2015 Apple Announcements

So, Apple had a big event this week. What do you need to know?

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No More Throwing Electronics in the Trash in NYC

As of January 1, you can no longer throw away a computer, keyboard, cable box, fax machine, or MP3 player – by law, all these items must be recycled.

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Top 10 Tech Gifts

Here’s our list of the top 10 cool tech gifts for this holiday season. They range from stocking-stuffer size (and price), to things that are definitely a splurge.

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iOS Upgrade OK; Apple Announcements

First off, a few of you have been asking us if it's cool to go ahead and upgrade to iOS 8 at this point. The answer is yes.

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iOS 8: Don’t install on your iPhone or iPad yet

It's a big week -- the iPhone 6 starts shipping (and appears in stores, not that you'll be able to buy one) on Friday the 19th, and we'll have lots to say about that soon. And today, Apple releases iOS 8, the new operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Apple Announcements: Bigger iPhones and Apple Watch

Here's our quick take on what Apple had to say on Tuesday:

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Password Security and Fun iPhone Apps

Password Security

We know we harp on this every single month, so we'll just say it quickly: it is time to get serious about password security. It is just no longer safe to try to memorize the passwords of all your web sites, or to use a single password for all of them. You need a password manager, which remembers secure passwords for you.

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Apple's New Stuff

Well, yesterday was the keynote speech at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference -- an event I used to enjoy attending when I worked at Apple -- and while they announced no new hardware products, as some were hoping, they still said a bunch of interesting things. Here's a summary of what they are:

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Basics of 1Password for Secure Password Storage

The news has stories regularly about password databases at big companies getting hacked, and malware such as Heartbleed is going to become more common. If you use the same password for multiple websites, or if you use a basic password (like your dog's name) as your email password, then you're at risk.

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