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Press Coverage

A collection of the articles we've written for publication, stories about us in print or online, and TV and video appearances.

eWeek: The Mac Moment: Apple Advice for IT Support Professionals

eweek-logoThis is the Mac Moment. Five years ago, Macs were still a fringe product for their fans. Today, Mac market share is 8 percent and shows no signs of slowing down....What does this mean for you, the IT professional? (published October 2008)

Read the rest of The Mac Moment: Apple Advice for IT Support Professionals at eWeek


In Good Company: 5 Tech Tips for Entrepreneurs

in-good-company-logoThese 5 technology tips will allow you to be more professional and more productive in your small business. (Published April 2011)



In Good Company: Why I Said No to Providing Windows IT Support

in-good-company-logoAfter looking at our list of clients and the work we had done over the past year, we came up with a few reasons why we decided to stop helping Windows users. (Published June 2011)


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