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Press Coverage

A collection of the articles we've written for publication, stories about us in print or online, and TV and video appearances.

Arise News: No Way to Apple Pay

arise-logoIvan Drucker was interviewed by Arise News on why certain stores such as Wal-Mart and Rite Aid are refusing to accept payments with Apple Pay. (October 2014)


FoxNews.com: Hackers hitting celebrity targets only getting started, expert warns

fox-news-com-logoIvan Drucker was interviewed by FoxNews.com about the cyberattacks on celebrities' iCloud accounts, and discussed ways to increase our own online security. (September 2014) 

Watch the video and read the article Hackers hitting celebrity targets only getting started on the FoxNews.com website.

NY Report: 6 Ways to Be the Boss of Your Computer

ny-report-logo6 Ways to Be the Boss of Your Computer: How to manage your computer, instead of letting it boss you around, including backups, security, and cleanups. (published August 2012)


CBS 2 New York: Thieves Hack iPhones

cbs-new-york-logoIvan Drucker appeared on CBS 2 New York to discuss the latest iPhone scam, in which hackers lock the phone and demand a ransom to unlock it. (May 2014) 

View the Thieves Hack iPhone segment on CBS 2's website.

Spark: Interview on Productivity Apps

spark-logoIvan Drucker was interviewed by Spark at a design event about productivity software for graphic design businesses. (January 2013)

View the Productivity Apps to Streamline Your Business interview on Vimeo

NY Report: 7 Timesaving Technologies for Every Business

ny-enterprise-report-logo-new7 Timesaving Technologies for Every Business: This article on using technology to save time in your business includes suggestions and quotes by IvanExpert. (February 2013)


NY Report: The State of the Tablet for Business

ny-report-logoAn overview of the pros and cons of the iPad, the Nexus 7, and Microsoft's Windows 8 tablets (published August 2012)

Read the rest of The State of the Tablet for Business

Guest blog post: Preserving Digital Photos

alices-art-blog-logoWe wrote guest blog posts about preserving digital photos, titled Will My Digital Photos Last?, Preserving Your Digital Photos, and What?!! No JPEG?, at Alice's Art Blog. (published October 2011)


Guest blog post: Tech Savvy Wedding Registries

tammy-golson-events-logoWhat's the most tech-friendly way to handle our wedding gift registry? Here are some options, both for places to register that carry a good selection of tech items, and ways to use your iPhone to facilitate the process. (published July 2011)

Read the rest of Tech Savvy Wedding Registries at the Tammy Golson Events Blog

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