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2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Here is our annual list of cool tech gifts for the holiday season. Don’t forget, Chanukah starts this year on the evening of Tuesday, December 12th.



Apple AirPods

The best wireless headphones out there. Just be aware that they don’t fit in everybody’s ears, which is the only reason they’re not the perfect gift for every person on your list. (They do work with non-Apple phones, by the way.) $159.



Puro BT2200 Headphones for Kids

These headphones limit the sound to 85 decibels, block out lots of background noise, and are Bluetooth wireless, making them a great choice for children. And they come in 4 gender-neutral colors. $100



Samsung wireless charging pad

This charging pad works with the newest iPhones as well as a range of Android phones (any phone that supports Qi). Comes in black or white. $25.



UE Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker

This portable speaker comes in colors and it’s waterproof. $100.



Asus S1 Pocket Projector

Give a presentation or show a movie at a moment’s notice with this tiny projector. The built-in battery lasts for up to 3 hours. It measures 4” x 4.5” and weighs only 12 ounces. $319.



Just Mobile AluCable Duo

Great stocking stuffer for someone who never has the right cable on hand - this one has regular USB on one end, and Micro USB plus an Apple Lightning adapter on the other. $25.



XStand Vent Car Mount

This smartphone holder clips into a car’s air vent for perfect positioning while driving. $25.



Tile Tracker

This tiny device goes on your keychain, into your wallet, or on your iPad and then you can track its location from your phone in real time. Never lose your keys or purse again. Comes in 4 different sizes and styles, including a thin one and a waterproof one, plus an add-on that converts it into a luggage tag. (The battery in it only lasts for a year, so you’ll need to replace it next holiday.) Starts at $25 for one; save up to 35% if you buy 8-packs.



Retro Pocket Games (no longer available)

This tiny handheld unit lets you play over 100 8-bit video games from your childhood - or introduce your favorite games to your favorite kids. $20.



Skyroam Solis

This device gives you unlimited wifi internet in over 100 countries for up to 5 devices. The built-in battery lasts 16 hours. Just pay per day for the days you’re using it. $150 for the device plus $9/day for wifi service.



Frame TV

Samsung has a new TV that isn’t just a black box when it’s off - instead it looks like art in a frame, hanging on your wall. When it’s on, it’s 4K resolution. Yes you are paying a lot extra for how it looks (the tech isn’t any better than other TVs that cost a lot less), but isn’t that what a holiday gift is all about? Frame comes in black, white, walnut, or oak. Comes in 3 sizes: 65” for $2800, 55” for $2000, and 43” for $1300.


(December 2017)

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