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IMPORTANT! CrashPlan for Home Is Being Discontinued

You may have received an email from CrashPlan, informing you that they are no longer offering CrashPlan backup for Home. You need to take action to keep your backups running.

If you didn’t get an email - check whether you are running CrashPlan for Home by going into your Applications folder and looking for the CrashPlan application. If it is a green house icon, then yes you are using CrashPlan Home. (If it’s a blue or black house icon, then you don’t have to worry.)


Here are your options:


Convert your account to CrashPlan Small Business (even if you don’t have a business). This is the easiest way to go, and is what we strongly recommend, as we still consider CrashPlan to be the best cloud backup service.

After your current subscription expires, the cost will be $2.50/month/computer for the first year, and after that you will pay $10/month/computer. All your backup files (less than 5TB) will automatically move to the new account.

You can convert the account yourself at https://www.crashplanpro.com/migration/, or, if you’d like our help, we can assist you on a remote session for a flat rate of $100.




If you want to continue to pay $5/month/computer, then you can switch to Backblaze. (https://www.backblaze.com) (Though CrashPlan is recommending Carbonite as an alternative, we have more confidence in BackBlaze.)

Unfortunately it means setting up a new account with Backblaze, installing software, and waiting weeks or months to be fully backed up. We can help get it set up; contact us to schedule an appointment.


Please contact us with questions on how this may affect you, or to get our help.

(August 2017)

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