Sync Email, Contacts, Calendar

Did you know that you can keep your email, contacts, and calendar in sync between your Mac and your iPhone or iPad? Syncing your Apple devices means you'll always have access to your schedule and to your phone numbers and email addresses.

A few of the options we provide for sync of email, contacts, and calendar: 

  • Set up your contacts and calendar so when you add a new appointment or contact on your iPhone or iPad, it automatically shows up on your Mac
  • Set up your email so if you read an email on your Mac, it shows up as read on your iPhone or iPad
  • Use your free iCloud account to sync your calendar and contacts among your Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Use Gmail or Google Apps to sync email, calendar, and contacts
  • Use Exchange to sync email, calendar, and contacts
  • Use IMAP to sync email

There are many different solutions available for Apple email, calendar, and contact sync; we can help you decide which sync setup is right for you.

To learn more about sync on the Mac, call us at (212) 353-3310 or email us at

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