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Mac Success Stories

These are a few of the unusual Mac solutions we have successfully created for our clients. If you require a customized solution to a Mac issue, or if your Apple problem requires creative thinking or application development, call us at (212) 353-3310 or email us at help@ivanexpert.com

For a dentist's office:
We created a custom AppleScript software program to transfer and store patient photos. It imports photos off of a camera when the camera is plugged in to the Mac, it creates a high-resolution and a low-resolution copy of each image, and then it files each version of the image in the appropriate location on the server.

For a two-person writing team:
We set up a software versioning system which allows them to write simultaneously from separate locations, yet prevents them from working on the same document at the same time. It also archives older versions of each document, so they never have to worry about losing earlier drafts.

For a home user with a broken leg:
We set up a new MacBook Pro to sync email, contacts, calendar, and all files wirelessly with his existing iMac, so that he could work from his bed at home instead of needing to sit in front of the iMac at his desk.

For a home user who moved from Palm Treo to iPhone:
We moved her calendar and contacts from her Palm to iCal and Address Book on her Mac. We also set up iCal and Address Book entries to sync wirelessly with her iPhone via MobileMe.

For a mathematician:
His favorite math program only exists for OS 9, so we set up his Mac to run OS 9 software in emulation, within OS X. We also showed him how to create PDFs from his OS 9 math program, so that he can easily save and print them.

For a music-loving home user:
We designed and set up a Mac-integrated Sonos home audio system, including the creation of an extensive digital music database from her audio CDs. The Sonos hardware allows her to wirelessly stream music from her Mac to each room--and she can even have different music playing in each room, if she chooses. All her digital music is backed up regularly to a local hard drive.

For a publisher:
We developed a customized FileMaker database for all images associated with a multi-book project. We also created FileMaker scripts for finding, duplicating, renaming, and moving images, so the editors could easily make changes and collect items for printing.

For a nonprofit foundation:
We interviewed potential candidates for an entry-level Mac IT position and advised on which candidate had the required Mac and network skills for the job.

For a consultant going to Afghanistan:
We advised on the proper Apple hardware and software for her on-site consulting work, plus we ensured she had multiple data backups at home as well as onsite in Kabul.



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