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New York Mac Users Praise IvanExpert

We are certified Apple consultants, with over 100 five-star reviews on Apple's website. Read them on Apple's Consultants Network page.


Testimonials from our clients on the Mac help and support we have provided to them:



"I am not a tech-savvy person; in fact I find the whole thing quite daunting. I had an emergency with my Mac account and within a minute Ivan called me back, and talked me through everything. What could have been a huge problem was fixed in 10 minutes, with tremendous care and understanding. Ivan never once made me feel inadequate; in fact he taught me more about my computer in 10 minutes then I learned in 10 years. I now have his information in bold letters above my desk, and I will never use anyone else!" —Julianna Margulies, actor, The Good Wife

"Ivan and his team of experts have made the process of becoming pseudo-tech friendly a total joy....I cannot recommend Ivan or any of Ivan's experts enough. Anyone, Mac pro or novice, would be lucky to have them." —Maggie Lyon, holistic lifestyle writer and consultant (Upper West Side)

"I think Ivan understands Macs and other Apple products better than Steve Jobs." —Daniel Okrent, author of Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, first Public Editor of the New York Times, and inventor of Rotisserie Baseball (Upper West Side)


"Ivan is the anti-I.T. Guy. With patience and respect he boils down even the most complex problem into clear language for tech novices. He takes you through options with patience and an appreciated eye on your bottom line. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with." 
—Nicola Kraus, co-author of The Nanny Diaries, The Real Real, and Nanny Returns (Williamsburg)

"IvanExpert is terrific. They show up on time and fix what needs to be fixed. They have deep Mac knowledge and experience and are great at troubleshooting and solving complex issues. I rate them at 5 stars." —Carl Navarre, CEO, MyPublisher (Midtown)

"It seems to me that what you want in your tech support consultant is: 1) immediate availability when things go wrong; 2) first-rate expertise to make things right; 3) ongoing advice about how to stay on top of the tech advances that have an impact on you; 4) intelligent, caring, and considerate people providing #1 through #3. My experience has been that these 4 characteristics are the definition of IvanExpert….It's hard to imagine how I would do business without them!" —Steve Kroeter, Editor in Chief, Designers & Books (Union Square)

"I thought I knew a lot about Macs, but when I decided to abandon my iPhone and MobileMe for a BlackBerry and Microsoft Exchange Server, I needed help setting it up with my Mac. I contacted several Mac consultants, but IvanExpert was clearly a cut above, in terms of their responsiveness, their intuitive understanding of my needs, and their deep technical knowledge and expertise." —Kerry Sulkowicz, MD, Founder and Managing Principal, Boswell Group LLC (Upper East Side)

"Ivan’s approach is business-like, creative, and focused. He meticulously and patiently teaches me the things I need to know and never wastes my time with things I don’t. Ivan keeps us informed about advances in technology and has helped me summon the courage to try new products and software. Each time his recommendations have served my business well." 
—Cynthia Cannell, Principal, Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency (Upper East Side)

"One of the best early decisions I made as a small business owner was to jettison my old PCs for two new Apples—a laptop and a desktop. Configuring them to talk to each other and my BlackBerry, however, was beyond my aptitude (and patience) threshold. Enter IvanExpert. After a few sessions, everything was in perfect working order, with solutions tailored to meet my needs, preferences, and budget." —Eden Abrahams, Founder, Clear Path Executive Coaching (Union Square)

"I've recommended you to so many people already, you all were just fantastic. Where have you guys been 
all my life?" —Amanda Ross, style consultant to Lipstick Jungle (Upper East Side)


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