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The “My Mac Won’t Start” Pocket Guide

CreativeTechs, a Mac support company in Seattle, has created a downloadable PDF that they call a “PocketMod” because it can be folded up into a pocket-size guide. The contents of the PDF are “My Mac Won’t Start: A Tiny Troubleshooting Guide.”

I highly recommend having a copy of this guide on hand, already printed out, for when you can’t get your Mac to start. (Because by then it will be too late to print it!) It offers 4 different fixes, and helps you decide which fix to use based on the symptoms your Mac is exhibiting.

It’s interesting that in this day and age a tech company is offering something that is intended to be used as a hard copy only. So while more and more data is in the “cloud” these days, at times there is still a purpose for a physical object you can hold in your hand.

What other Mac or tech topics would be relevant for a PocketMod?

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