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How to Set Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts on the Mac

My recent post listed the top 10 keyboard shortcuts for the Mac, which can save lots of time and increase productivity.

But what if there isn’t a key command set on the Mac for something you do regularly? Here’s how to set your own key commands.

1. Under the Apple menu in the top left, choose System Preferences.

2. In the System Preferences panel, choose Keyboard. (It’s in the Hardware section.)

3. At the top, choose the Keyboard Shortcuts “tab.”

4. Click the + button at the bottom. A window pops up.

5. Under Application, choose from the pop-up list which application you want to set a keyboard shortcut for. Then under Menu Title, you need to make sure to enter the exact name of an existing menu item for that application (so look at names of menu items before you get to this point, and copy the name down exactly as it appears in the menu). Then under Keyboard Shortcut, do the shortcut you want to assign.

6. Click the Add button.

In the Keyboard preference you can also change some of the existing keyboard shortcuts.

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