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5 iPhone Apps for New Yorkers on the Go


New York is a fast-moving city, and we need info on our iPhones like yesterday!

Here are our 5 favorite iPhone apps for New York users.

1. Exit Strategy, $5

Plan what subway car to get on, so you’re right at the exit when you get to your stop. Plus shows you neighborhood maps with subway entrances. Also includes subway and bus maps!

2. Ride On Time NYC, free

Updated status for subway lines, including planned work and delays. Check it before you get down inside the subway!

3. Hop Stop, free, no longer available

Transit, walking, and driving directions, with accurate time estimates for how long it takes to get where you’re going, and the fastest route to go.

4. Citi Bike, free

Shows you how many bikes are available at each dock. And once you’ve already got a Citi bike, it shows you whether there are empty spaces at the dock you’re going to.

5. Yelp, free

Find the best food and drink (and other stuff too) when you’re out and about.

Bonus: NY1 Spectrum, free

Get your daily NYC news on your iOS device.

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