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Don’t lose that Mac MagSafe 2 converter!

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Some of us have older MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, and some have newer ones. And unfortunately the power cords aren’t the same! So we have a lot of Apple MagSafe converters, to let us use the old power cords with the new Macs.

However we keep losing them, because they are so tiny. To solve that issue, we just purchased a bunch of these MagCozy rubber holders, at $7 for a pack of 2. They attach to any cable, so that your little MagSafe converter is never far from your old power cord.

Ivan also has one on his keychain, so he’s always got a MagSafe 2 converter with him!

Highly recommended. And they come in 7 colors (including glow-in-the-dark). Plus the company also makes a LightningCozy, a DisplayCozy, an EtherCozy, and some others. Check out the Cozy Industries website.

Thanks to TidBITS for turning us on to these. Check out their article on Six Useful Apple Accessories.

Photos from the Cozy Industries website.

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