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Customize Your Mac Laptop with Skins from RedBubble

I just found out about RedBubble, which sells artist-designed objects including:

  • “skins” for laptops
  • laptop sleeves
  • iPhone cases
  • t-shirts and other clothing
  • home accessories like pillows and mugs
  • stationery items like notebooks and greeting cards

I just bought a “skin” for my 11” MacBook Air — it’s a piece of printed plastic that adheres to the top case, and gives my laptop some personality.

They have all the Mac laptop sizes available. Most cost $20-$25.

There are thousands of designs to choose from…florals, geometrics, patterns, photographs, animals. Here are a few designs I thought were cool:


Geometric a01

Succulent Circles

And the design I chose, because I like the geometrics:

snww kyttyn




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