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Google makes incredibly powerful and useful tools, but they also have their own bizarro world logic and inconsistent UI that can be hard to follow. Gmail’s probably the best example of this–it’s entirely different from other email systems, so it can be a love or hate affair, especially if you prefer the concept of traditional mail folders.

Sometimes Google does something that’s just so Google that I have to laugh, and I found one of them. If you want to use G Suite with Outlook, they offer integration tools. Unfortunately, they’re only for Windows (though current versions of Outlook Mac do offer some janky Gmail/Calendar/Contacts integration–I’d still stick with the Apple apps).

So, there’s a tool for maintaining ongoing sync between G Suite and Outlook, and it’s called G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook–or, as Google calls it. GSSMO. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but ok.

Then there’s another tool for one-time migration from Outlook to G Suite, and that’s called– wait for it–G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook. Which is…GSMMO.

Two different tools that do related but critically different things. And they’re called GSSMO and GSMMO. It took me 15 minutes on their support pages going back and forth thinking they were the same thing before I finally figured it out.

That’s so Google.

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