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Phishing Attacks Targeting Apple Users

9 to 5 Mac has an article about how phishing attacks targeting users of Apple products have increased by 30-40% per year.

The article states,

In the first half of this year, around 1.6 million phishing attacks attempting to fool people into using their Apple ID credentials to log in to a fake Apple website were detected by a security company…Kaspersky says that its figures reflect only attacks on Macs running its own security software — many of which are in corporate environments — suggesting that the true total number of phishing attempts is very much higher.

You might get an email that looks like it’s from Apple, claiming that your Apple account is locked, or saying it’s found a problem with your Mac. These are most likely not from Apple so don’t click on the link! Instead go to or call 800-MY-APPLE for support.

The article says banks are the most common phishing emails; also common are “Flash player is out of date” messages. If you’re not sure, don’t click on a link in an email or on a website pop-up.

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