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Remove Google Contacts and Holidays from Calendar on your Mac, iPhone or iPad

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When you add a Google calendar to Apple’s Calendar app for Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you get two “calendars” you may or may not want, one for Holidays, which is redundant with Apple’s own Holidays calendar, and another, confusingly, for Contacts.

It’s possible to hide these from being displayed by unchecking them in the left sidebar of Mac Calendar, or from the “Calendars” button on iPhone or iPad, but they’re still there, as a confusing distraction, especially on the Mac Calendar app where their names are always displayed.

But there’s a way to hide them entirely so that they don’t display on your devices at all. On each device or computer where you want the calendars hidden, go to this URL in Safari:

Google Cal Sync Select

Sign in with your Google/Gmail account, if needed. You’ll then be given the opportunity to uncheck the Holiday and Contacts calendars which appear on that device. Click Save when done.

The same link can be also be used for enabling the display of calendars that have been shared with you that don’t otherwise appear in the Calendar app.

Image by Bill Ward, from Flickr Creative Commons.

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