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An Ode to the AirPods Pro

Now that we are in Corona lockdown, my #1 required accessory for getting work done is my AirPods Pro. If you, like me, are stuck working in a small home with no escape from the noise – whether that be sirens outside the window, neighbors’ kids running around, or your partner on a Zoom call in the next room – AirPods Pro can be your salvation too.

Yes they are expensive, $249, and yes they are easy to lose, and yes in two years you will have to buy another pair once the rechargeable batteries start dying. But what is the price of sanity, of your relationship with your significant other or your kids?

I have found the AirPods work exceptionally well at blocking out the surrounding sound, whether I’m on a call or listening to music. I pair them with my iPhone for making phone calls, and with my Mac for Zoom and other video calls, and they work perfectly with both. The 3 different sizes of rubber tips help to get just the right seal inside your ears.

I’d also recommend a subscription to Spotify ($10/month, or $15/month for family plan) so you can have your pick of calming music that helps to distract from whatever is going on around you.

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