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iPhone apps for birdwatching

Now that summer is here, I’ve been seeing more birds outside the window, and hearing them singing too — so I decided to download a few iPhone apps to help me figure out what they are.

Here are the apps I’m trying out. All of them are free!

Audubon Bird Guide
Yes this is probably the best known bird app for iOS. There are 800 birds from North America in the app. Each one has a picture and sound. Plus you can use the app to see what birds people near you have seen recently.

Merlin Bird ID
This one is from Cornell Lab. Here’s all you need to know (from their overview of their app): “What’s that bird? Merlin Bird ID helps you solve the mystery in 5 questions, or with a photo of a bird.”

Song Sleuth: Auto Bird Song ID
This app can record the bird you are hearing and compare it to its database of birdsongs, and suggest which birds it might be.

I’m excited to start using these!


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