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Figure out what’s taking up space on your Mac with DaisyDisk

Daisy Disk screenshot

Every now and then, I am using an application on my Mac or iPhone and I stop and marvel at how its creators got it exactly right, and say a private thank you for them having made something so useful or enjoyable.

DaisyDisk is that kind of app. I love it. It shows you a map of what’s taking up space on your disk. It’s an absolute go-to for me any time I am working with a client who is low on disk space.

DaisyDisk shows you a graphical map of your files, so you can visually see your largest files, but I actually don’t use it. Instead, I just go to the right hand column where files and folders are displayed, largest first. If I open a folder, it shows me the largest files and folders within it, at the top, and so on. Easy.

I can then delete files directly from within DaisyDisk, though I tend to instead choose Reveal in Finder and delete them that way. One magical feature DaisyDisk has, is the ability to purge “hidden” space from APFS disks, such as those found on any Mac running Mojave. If I am, or a client is, low on space, it can solve that problem.

Anyway, if your disk is full, ignore the Mac’s mostly useless indicator of disk usage that you can find under About This Mac. Instead drop ten bucks for DaisyDisk. It’ll tell you the truth, and I’m willing to bet you find something big that you didn’t know you had, and don’t really want. I usually do.

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