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Ding, dong! No more hard drives in iMacs!

For years, and years, and years, Apple has been staining its brand by shipping iMacs with hard drives in them.

macOS hasn’t performed particularly well on hard drives in quite a while, and, since Mojave was released a couple of years ago, it’s been just absolutely unusable, due to the switch to the APFS file system. APFS was designed for solid state drives, and has appalling performance on HD’s.

And, until yesterday, every stock iMac configuration had a hard drive. (Yes, Fusion drives are also hard drives, especially the joke that was the 1 TB configuration in 2015 and later models.) If you wanted an SSD, you had to custom build it.

Well, our long technological nightmare is finally over, because today, Apple finally, finally, finally made all stock iMac configurations come with some kind of SSD. No longer will anyone go into an Apple Store and buy a new iMac and wonder why it crawls. (If you really still want it to crawl, you still have a 1 TB Fusion drive option for the 21.5″ model.)

Here’s the press release:

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