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One Week Wearing the Apple Watch: Pros & Cons

I’ve had my Apple Watch for about a week. Here are my initial thoughts.   Size & model I have the 38mm black sport watch. The size is good for my hand, and because it’s all black, it’s very inconspicuous. I haven’t had one person ask me about the watch; I don’t think anybody even […]

Trying On the Apple Watch

Over the weekend we went to the Apple Store on 14th Street and tried on the Apple Watch. Normally you need to schedule an appointment ahead of time to try on the watches, but we just dropped by and the store had some empty slots. The store has huge custom tables made just for the […]

Apple Watch: Do the Journalists Like It?

Journalists have been given a sneak peek of the iPhone, about a week in advance of the order date (which begins April 10th at 3:00 am, East Coast time). Now that they’ve played with the phones for a whole week, what do they think? Here’s a review roundup. Wall Street Journal: Geoffrey A. Fowler “What’s […]

How the Apple Watch Is Made

Product designer Greg Koenig has written a great article on how the Apple Watch is made. He has looked very closely at Apple’s videos on the making of the watches and used his product design experience to make some educated guesses on how Apple’s manufacturing process works. Apple has used some very sophisticated processes and […]

Apple’s New MacBook: Thoughts on Product Naming

If I may offer a bit of analysis: Over the last several years, Apple has had fairly understandable product naming. “MacBook” was the entry level model, “MacBook Air” was the small-and-light model, “MacBook Pro” was the expensive, powerful model. One of Steve Jobs’ significant acts upon returning to Apple was the simplification of the then-convoluted […]

Apple Watch Review Roundup

Apple held an Apple Watch event this week, and allowed reporters some hands-on time with the new device (which is available for pre-order and in-store display on April 10, and ships on April 24). What are the critics saying about what it was like to try out the Apple Watch? Christina Bonnington at Wired “I found the touch […]

iOS 8 Review Roundup

Yes, iOS 8 is now available for the iPhone and iPad! You can upgrade if you’re on an iPhone 4S and up. The reviews have been very positive. Here is a selection of the best reviews we have read. Ars Technica: iOS 8, Thoroughly Reviewed by Andrew Cunningham “iOS 8 is transformative on a functional […]

IvanExpert in the news, talking security

The science and technology correspondent for called me to get my take on the current state of security: The cyberattack that targeted stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton may be just the tip of the iceberg, predicts a security expert, warning that hackers are becoming more sophisticated. “We’re clearly in a moment where the […]

Setting up my new iMac

I got a new 21″ iMac last week. My old iMac was from 2008. It was maxed out on RAM, was on its 3rd internal hard drive, and was slowing down. So 6 years later, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I purchased it online at the Apple Store and it arrived on […]

Lotta Drama on iPhone/iPad Jailbreak Sunday for iOS 7

Hoo boy. First off, H/T to iClarified, from whom I learned of all this news. Go there for the latest updates. Earlier today, a jailbreak team called “Evad3rs” released a much-anticipated jailbreak for iOS 7. Stay away from it. Jailbreaking, if you’re unfamiliar with it, means using special software to modify your iPhone or iPad […]

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