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Use a Time Capsule without attaching it to a router

  Every now and then, you need to back up to a Time Capsule, but you don’t have access to the router, or a wired network jack. You’ve got to go 100% wireless. I discovered a way to set it up 100% wirelessly, with no cables attached. You’ll need: a Time Capsule (any model; an AirPort Extreme with […]

How to Use the Web Securely When Away from Office or Home: VPN

I just got back from a week in Beijing, China. You may know that China blocks access to many American websites, such as the New York Times. So how did I read the Times online while I was there? The solution is the same one as the one I use when I’m in Starbucks or […]

Printing a PDF on Multiple Sheets of Paper from My Mac

I recently had to print out a floor plan, and it needed to be big enough for me to see all the tiny details. My printer only handles 8.5 x 11” paper. So what could I do, to print the floor plan bigger? A Mac app called SplitPrint made it super easy. I opened my […]

Thunderbolt triumph when setting up a Mac Mini Server

Unlike most Macs, Mac minis and Mac Pros that are sold to be servers are supposed to come with Screen Sharing (VNC) turned on in OS X, so that you can set them up from another Mac even if you don’t have a screen and keyboard attached. This Apple Knowledgebase Article explains how. Except we’ve now […]

We like being clever (how to sync Palm OS on a Mac or PC)

While most of us have moved on from our PDAs and smartphones of yesteryear, some of our clients love a specific device, and we consider it our job to figure out a way to let them use it if that’s what they want to do. We have a client who still uses a Palm organizer, […]

What is a Mac server?

It used to be that a Mac server was something only a systems administrator would ever want to go near. It was a special, expensive version of Mac OS X — for example, Snow Leopard Server cost $500, as opposed to $129 for the regular version of Mac OS X. And the updates had to […]

How to make a Lion installer USB stick when you already have Lion installed

How to use the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion download from the Mac App Store to make a Lion installer USB stick.

IvanExpert Gift Certificates

IvanExpert gift certificates are now available, in time for Hanukkah (which starts on December 20th) and Christmas (the 25th of course).

Lion: the recovery partition, and how to save the build of Lion your Mac needs

When you install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, or buy a current Mac, one of the things that happens is that 650 MB of your drive space is set aside into a “recovery partition”. You can use command-R, or the option key, during startup and your Mac will be able to start from there. The Recovery […]

Snow Leopard as guest in a virtual machine, part two

Update: The below was tested on Parallels Desktop 6. Commenters have reported that it doesn’t work on Parallels Desktop 7, which is indeed a drag. When I have some time I’ll take a closer look. Yesterday, I explained how to install Snow Leopard as a guest in Parallels (or presumably another virtualization product for Mac) […]

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