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Apple Watch can’t display battery level when you need it

So, get this: If you have an Apple Watch that has been reset to factory state, you can’t do anything with it until you pair it. In order to pair it with an iPhone running a current version of iOS, its own watchOS version must also be current. If you need to update watchOS, you […]

Top 5 Websites for Tech Gifts for Kids

If you want to buy a tech or geek present for the kid in your life, here are our top 5 websites specializing in tech gifts. 1. LittleBits These kits of “electronic building blocks” let kids create their own robots, musical instruments, and remote controllers. 2. WowWee Toys with sophisticated tech inside. Artificial intelligence cars, […]

Gadgets I like: Roku

There’s a lot of hype about the new generation Apple TV, and I’ll be taking a closer look at that soon. However, while I was sitting around waiting for Apple to up their game — the previous Apple TV was certainly long in the tooth — I tried out a Roku, and I love it. Roku […]

Gadgets I like: SanDisk Ultra Fit 128 GB USB 3.0 thumb drive

Hello world!

One Week Wearing the Apple Watch: Pros & Cons

I’ve had my Apple Watch for about a week. Here are my initial thoughts.   Size & model I have the 38mm black sport watch. The size is good for my hand, and because it’s all black, it’s very inconspicuous. I haven’t had one person ask me about the watch; I don’t think anybody even […]

3D Scanner That’s Portable and Attractive

We went to the 3D Print Show over the weekend — one of the best items we saw was this Matter and Form 3D scanner that folds up for storage, and it’s only $600. Why would you want a 3D scanner? Well maybe you have a broken part to a mechanical object, so you want […]

5 Unusual 3D Printers

At the 3D print fair last weekend we saw 5 unusual 3D printers. Here they are, along with what’s interesting about each. Unique One from This printer is very large (so it can print big objects) with an unusual design. The computer goes on your network, so you can print directly from your smartphone. […]

Trying On the Apple Watch

Over the weekend we went to the Apple Store on 14th Street and tried on the Apple Watch. Normally you need to schedule an appointment ahead of time to try on the watches, but we just dropped by and the store had some empty slots. The store has huge custom tables made just for the […]

Apple Watch: Do the Journalists Like It?

Journalists have been given a sneak peek of the iPhone, about a week in advance of the order date (which begins April 10th at 3:00 am, East Coast time). Now that they’ve played with the phones for a whole week, what do they think? Here’s a review roundup. Wall Street Journal: Geoffrey A. Fowler “What’s […]

How the Apple Watch Is Made

Product designer Greg Koenig has written a great article on how the Apple Watch is made. He has looked very closely at Apple’s videos on the making of the watches and used his product design experience to make some educated guesses on how Apple’s manufacturing process works. Apple has used some very sophisticated processes and […]

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