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Cool Apple Wall Charger Accessories

We just found out about a company called Ten One Design that’s making very cool Apple accessories. The two here are specifically for your Apple charging cables. Stella, pictured above, says it’s a better charging cable for a few reasons. Its woven surface is better than what comes out of the box with a new […]

Customize Your Mac Laptop with Skins from RedBubble

I just found out about RedBubble, which sells artist-designed objects including: “skins” for laptops laptop sleeves iPhone cases t-shirts and other clothing home accessories like pillows and mugs stationery items like notebooks and greeting cards I just bought a “skin” for my 11” MacBook Air — it’s a piece of printed plastic that adheres to the top […]

Turning off double-sided printing by default on a Mac

Sometimes, you get a new printer with a duplex feature, and your Mac, for whatever reason, decides that it should print on both sides of the page by default. (I think this is a problem with the HP printer driver installer, actually.) Fixing this is doable, but…not obvious. At all. Here’s what you do: In the Finder, […]

Gadgets I like: SanDisk Ultra Fit 128 GB USB 3.0 thumb drive

Hello world!

Don’t lose that Mac MagSafe 2 converter!

   Some of us have older MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, and some have newer ones. And unfortunately the power cords aren’t the same! So we have a lot of Apple MagSafe converters, to let us use the old power cords with the new Macs. However we keep losing them, because they are so tiny. To […]

Great, great speakers

I bought AudioEngine 2 speakers for my desk here at IvanExpert world headquarters, and they are awesome. They’re small, great-looking, and above all, incredible sounding for their size, at least when you’re sitting in front of them. I recommend the little wedge stands as well. I have these plugged into the audio output from an AirPort […]

5 Cool Mac Accessories for the Office, from Macworld

Here are the 5 things we saw at Macworld that can improve any office.

Tech Gifts for Hanukkah, Day 2: Laptop Tote from BlueLounge

BlueLounge has tons of little gadgets for your computer; their latest addition to their linup is this laptop tote with handles as well as a shoulder strap—and lots of pockets.

What’s the Difference between Thunderbolt and USB on the Mac?

Apple recently announced Thunderbolt, a new way of connecting devices and transferring data. How is Thunderbolt different from USB 2.0?

5 Places to Buy Cool Accessories for Apple in NYC

Five stores where you can purchase unusual accessories for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone in New York City.

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