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How to migrate from your old Mac to a 12-inch MacBook

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook is svelte and weights only 2 pounds. It also presents some challenges when migrating your data directly from another Mac. All other Mac models since 2011 have Thunderbolt capability, meaning you can attach a Thunderbolt cable between the two computers, put the older computer into Target Disk Mode, and then use Migration […]

Send Email Later from Your Mac

Have you ever wanted to schedule an email, to be sent at a later date? Perhaps you want to make it look like you’re not at your desk. Or maybe you want the recipient to think you waited awhile to answer an email. Or you don’t want everyone to know that you’re up at 3 […]

5 Tools and Apps from the MacTech Conference

We just got back from the MacTech Conference in Manhattan Beach (Los Angeles), where we learned a ton about everything related to Mac consulting and support. A lot of it was pretty technical. But these 5 cool tools and apps are useful for almost any business, so check them out! 1. ODesk Find freelancers across the country and […]

Customize Notification Center in iOS 8

We finally advise that it’s safe to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8. The number of problems after the upgrade has quieted down after Apple’s updates. I just upgraded my iPhone to iOS 8 and am taking advantage of the Notification Center. What is the Notification Center? Put your finger at the very […]

Best iPad Stylus?

I read the technology reviews site The Wirecutter, which tests tech hardware and software and advises on what’s the best and why. (I highly recommend you subscribe to their weekly email newsletter; they also have a related site The Sweethome for household items.) Last week they published an article on “The Best iPad Stylus for […]

Use the Stand Up! iPhone App to Take Regular Breaks

By now we all know it’s important to move around during the workday, not just sit in the same spot for hours at a time. I’ve been using the free Time Out software on my Mac for years. I can set it to ask me to take a break after X minutes, and I can […]

Don’t lose that Mac MagSafe 2 converter!

   Some of us have older MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, and some have newer ones. And unfortunately the power cords aren’t the same! So we have a lot of Apple MagSafe converters, to let us use the old power cords with the new Macs. However we keep losing them, because they are so tiny. To […]

QuickBooks Online with Mac for Small Business

I just switched our office to QuickBooks Online for our accounting. It’s one of these new categories of applications called “cloud services” (because everything runs on a server off in the cloud somewhere; you’re not running actual software on your machine). This category is also referred to as “Software as a Service” or SAAS. Here […]

Prevent thieves from using your iPhone, iPad with Activation Lock

An article in the New York Times today discusses how the iPhone and other smartphones now have a way to make the device unusable if it’s stolen — a so-called “kill switch.” In Apple’s iPhone and iPad, it’s called Activation Lock. It prevents other people from using your phone, turning off Find My iPhone, or […]

How to Use the Web Securely When Away from Office or Home: VPN

I just got back from a week in Beijing, China. You may know that China blocks access to many American websites, such as the New York Times. So how did I read the Times online while I was there? The solution is the same one as the one I use when I’m in Starbucks or […]

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