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How to migrate from your old Mac to a 12-inch MacBook

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook is svelte and weights only 2 pounds. It also presents some challenges when migrating your data directly from another Mac. All other Mac models since 2011 have Thunderbolt capability, meaning you can attach a Thunderbolt cable between the two computers, put the older computer into Target Disk Mode, and then use Migration […]

Turning off double-sided printing by default on a Mac

Sometimes, you get a new printer with a duplex feature, and your Mac, for whatever reason, decides that it should print on both sides of the page by default. (I think this is a problem with the HP printer driver installer, actually.) Fixing this is doable, but…not obvious. At all. Here’s what you do: In the Finder, […]

The case of disappearing iPhoto

  Something that’s been popping up lately for my clients is: What happened to iPhoto? It’s a good question, indeed. What happened is that with the very latest OS X upgrade — Yosemite version 10.10.3 — Apple introduced their new replacement for both iPhoto and Aperture, called simply Photos, like the app already on your iPad or iPhone. If […]

Setting up my new iMac

I got a new 21″ iMac last week. My old iMac was from 2008. It was maxed out on RAM, was on its 3rd internal hard drive, and was slowing down. So 6 years later, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I purchased it online at the Apple Store and it arrived on […]

Ivan’s Mac, iPhone, and iPad Videos on eHow

Ivan was filmed talking about Mac, iPhone, and iPad topics for the eHow website. Here’s the link to see all the videos: Ivan talking Apple tech on eHow Or to see each video: How to keep an external hard drive from spinning down on a Mac How to disassociate an iPhone from a computer How to […]

Disable Apple Mail Inline Attachments

                            Some research the other day led me to a helpful blog post explaining how to stop attachments from showing a preview of a PDF and/or image. If you would like to make this the default behavior you’ll need to use the Terminal to […]

Meet Mac Expert Mike

Before working with IvanExpert, Mike Tejera was a Mac Specialist and Genius at the Soho Apple Store, and he also repaired planes as a member of the Air Force.

A New Place for One-on-One Mac Lessons

There is an amazing resource for Mac users in NYC who want to improve their Mac skills–it’s called How Lounge.

What’s the difference between Time Machine and Time Capsule?

What’s the difference between Time Machine and Time Capsule?

The Apple Genius Bar: Why It’s Great, and Why It’s Not

Here’s when you should go to the Genius Bar, and here’s when you should call a consultant like us for help.

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