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HD and SSD upgrades for your MacBook Pro

If you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro (not the Retina display version), you have lots of hard drive upgrade options. These are: – 5400 RPM hard drive. Comparatively slow, but Toshiba now has one (the catchily named MQ01ABD150) that is a whopping 1.5 TB. (If you have a pre-Unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro, then you […]

Dead Hard Drive in My iMac

The hard drive in my iMac died this week. Here’s how I figured it out, and what I learned.

Slow Mac? Add More RAM

If your Mac is slow, often adding more RAM (also known as memory) can help. Most Macs ship from Apple with a limited amount of RAM but you can buy more and install it yourself.

Map of All Our Mac Clients

This map shows the locations of all the Mac, iPad, and iPhone clients we’ve worked with so far in 2011.

The Apple Genius Bar: Why It’s Great, and Why It’s Not

Here’s when you should go to the Genius Bar, and here’s when you should call a consultant like us for help.

And yet another new one

I often say I see something new all the time in my work, and today it was my own computer who needed some expertise.

how easy is it to return a drive? and who pays?

Sometimes, you have to be tough. Sometimes, it pays to be nice. I recently have had a run of bad luck with some hard drives, and so I needed to have them replaced under warranty. Western Digital had the easiest return process — you can go on their web site, enter a serial #, and […]

Do the Geek Squads Actually Know What They’re Doing?

An article by Charles Passy in today’s Wall Street Journal entitled “Can Big-Box Merchants Fix Your Computer?” is his tale of taking 4 computers to 3 different large retailers that offer computer repair, plus sending one away to a fourth company. The three retailers, Best Buy (Geek Squad), Office Depot, and Staples, all did varying […]

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