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Migration Assistant and the MacBook 12″

The MacBook 12″ is a truly elegant computer: it’s ridiculously thin and weighs only two pounds, and has a beautiful screen. It’s underpowered in most other regards — it has one lonely USB-C port for both power and devices, and is generally kinda pokey — but if you want the ultimate portable Mac, it’s that. […]

4 Cool Features from the New Apple OS Updates

Apple just released new versions of iOS, watchOS, and macOS (as well tvOS) including plugging security holes and adding a few new features. Here are four cool things you can do once you’ve updated.   Night Shift: Use your Mac at Night and Sleep Better Afterwards MacOS 10.12.4 Sierra now has Night Shift, a feature from iOS that […]

You can’t use a MacBook’s charge cable with a MacBook Pro. Seriously.

So, I stumbled across an Apple Support article about which power adapters to use with which computer. The rule of thumb, since the mid-90’s, is that more demanding models come with  adapters that provide more power: MacBook Air (45W), MacBook Pro 13″ (60W), MacBook Pro 15″ (85W). It’s labeled on the brick part. It’s safe to use a […]

Download the latest Microsoft Office for Mac installers

Somehow, I stumbled across an incredibly useful page on Microsoft’s web site which has the latest Mac installers for Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2011, and other releases. This is pretty useful, because: It doesn’t require that you log into Microsoft’s confusing web site in order just to download the installer. If you want to […]

Send Email Later from Your Mac

Have you ever wanted to schedule an email, to be sent at a later date? Perhaps you want to make it look like you’re not at your desk. Or maybe you want the recipient to think you waited awhile to answer an email. Or you don’t want everyone to know that you’re up at 3 […]

Prevent thieves from using your iPhone, iPad with Activation Lock

An article in the New York Times today discusses how the iPhone and other smartphones now have a way to make the device unusable if it’s stolen — a so-called “kill switch.” In Apple’s iPhone and iPad, it’s called Activation Lock. It prevents other people from using your phone, turning off Find My iPhone, or […]

How to Use the Web Securely When Away from Office or Home: VPN

I just got back from a week in Beijing, China. You may know that China blocks access to many American websites, such as the New York Times. So how did I read the Times online while I was there? The solution is the same one as the one I use when I’m in Starbucks or […]

Printing a PDF on Multiple Sheets of Paper from My Mac

I recently had to print out a floor plan, and it needed to be big enough for me to see all the tiny details. My printer only handles 8.5 x 11” paper. So what could I do, to print the floor plan bigger? A Mac app called SplitPrint made it super easy. I opened my […]

Top 5 Mac Tips and Tricks from Macworld

Chris Breen, esteemed Senior Editor of Macworld magazine, gave a presentation at Macworld conference on Mac tips and tricks. Here are our top 5 takeaways from his presentation. 1. Switch off those annoying Mac App Store update alerts! If you’re in Mountain Lion or Mavericks: Go to System Preferences, choose App Store, and uncheck “Automatically […]

Top 5 Apple Mail Plugins

We just came back from Macworld, and the seminar by Joe Kissell on Apple Mail for Power Users had some great tips on software you can purchase to enhance the functionality of Mail. Here are our top 5 Apple Mail plugins from his presentation. 1. Mail Act-On This plugin costs $30 and lets you schedule […]

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