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The best way to read the New York Times digitally

The New York Times has a bewildering panoply of options for reading the paper digitally, including an almost-unknown but very awesome “Replica Edition” in which each page of the daily paper appears exactly as it does in print. (Hat tip to Dan Okrent for telling me about that, as I almost certainly would have not […]

iPhone Apps for NYC Winter

The weather in New York has been so snowy and cold this winter, and I’m miserable in the cold weather. Here’s how I am using my iPhone to make it through a rough winter. Yahoo Weather Yes, it gives you hour-by-hour forecasting, maps, precipitation. But it’s the gorgeous photos on this app that make it […]

6 new NYC Transit Apps for iPhone

The New York MTA made its transit data available to iPhone app developers, who have used it to create apps with more accurate train and bus schedules as well as more general transit info. Here are 6 new MTA iPhone apps for NYC. Take a look and see which one you like best. MTA Subway […]

5 iPhone Apps for New Yorkers on the Go

New York is a fast-moving city, and we need info on our iPhones like yesterday! Here are our 5 favorite iPhone apps for New York users. 1. Exit Strategy, $5 Plan what subway car to get on, so you’re right at the exit when you get to your stop. Plus shows you neighborhood maps with […]

iPhone and iPad Apps Roundup

There are almost a million different iPad and iPhone apps; how do you sort through and find the best ones? Here is a roundup of our favorite apps for iPad and iPhone in various categories. iPad apps for how to use your iPad Great apps for anyone who has a brand-new iPad. These cover the […]

My Experience with the Citi Bike Technology

On July 4th I gave the Citi Bike program a try and found the technology somewhat frustrating. The actual riding was fun. Yes, I did have a helmet, and no, there wasn’t much traffic so it wasn’t the true NYC biking experience where you take your life into your hands. However I had 3 distinct […]

Borrow books from the NYPL on your iPad or iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad (or other tablet) and you’re a New York City resident, did you know you can borrow “books” from the New York Public Library and read them on your device? First, you have to have an NYPL library card. You can either walk in to any local branch with […]

Need tasks done at home or work? Check out the TaskRabbit website

I used TaskRabbit for the first time last week and highly recommend it if you have tasks, chores, errands you need done–for your home or your business.

Taxi apps for NYC?

Taxi iPhone apps for New York City have some limitations.

Top 5 iPhone Bike Apps for NYC

New York City’s bike sharing program starts in July. In preparation for this exciting new transportation, here are our top 5 iPhone bike apps, geared toward New Yorkers.

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