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Mac Mail Mystery, starring Verizon and AOL

It was a rainy day in New York City. I emerged from the 1 train at 79th St, for an appointment with EW. She had spent two hours on the phone with Apple, and two hours with Verizon. She was at her wits’ end. Her mail was sometimes disappearing before her eyes from her iPad […]

Find the password for a locked profile

I was experimenting with Profile Manager in Mountain Lion Server, and a while ago installed a profile that required a password to remove. And I forgot the password. Whoops. I had a profile I couldn’t remove from my own phone. Fortunately, I tracked down the original profile by searching for a file ending in “.mobileconfig” […]

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If you receive the IvanExpert blog posts in your email inbox, we need you to sign up again for this service. Otherwise you’ll stop getting these emails every time a new blog post goes up! And if you’re not getting the IvanExpert blog posts as emails — isn’t that a cool option? You won’t need […]

iPhone tip: For the websites you go to a lot, make a shortcut!

If you have an iPhone, and you have websites you visit regularly, did you know you can create a shortcut that looks just like an app? Just click the app, and you go immediately to that web page. For example, I see the Empire State Building a lot and it’s always a different color. I […]

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