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15 Boring but Useful Websites

This list of various websites that are boring but useful was culled from the comments of a recent post on Go Fug Yourself. To read all the comments and suggestions, here’s the link: Your Most Boringly Useful Websites If you don’t know Go Fug Yourself and you like smart writing about dumb fashion, I highly […]

My First Shapeways 3D Design

My first 3D printed item that I designed myself arrived late last week. It’s called the Scribble Necklace, and it’s made with polished brass. How I made it: I creeated a free account at Tinkercad, which lets you do online 3D design. Then I made my scribble on a piece of paper, photographed it with […]

Top 5 Tech Podcasts for Apple Lovers

Podcasts are a great way to learn about what’s new in technology while you’re doing something else (like exercising, commuting, washing the dishes, or picking up around the house). Here are my 5 favorite tech audio podcasts that are useful for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users. They’re all available for free in iTunes. 1. This […]

Feedly for RSS Feeds: An Easier Way to Read Blogs

If you were a Google Reader user, then you know the pain of trying to find a new RSS feed reader since Google discontinued their Reader earlier this summer. For those of you unfamiliar with RSS — it is a way of being able to easily read all your favorite blogs in one place, instead […]

Streaming movies: Where do you find them?

On-demand streaming video is where everything’s headed, but what’s available where? Not all services have the same titles, and there are services out there you probably haven’t even heard of. Many of these offer a la carte digital rentals and/or purchases, or all you can eat for a monthly fee, and some are included with […]

Frustrations with Yelp Advertising

We did a 2-month trial of Yelp advertising. That experiment is now concluded, and we’ve decided not to continue because we weren’t satisfied with the experience. Here are a few things you should know about Yelp if you are considering advertising, you have a Yelp page for your business, or you write Yelp reviews. 1. […]

Good Googling

Love ’em or hate ’em, Google is an inextricable part of our lives. While they have many compelling and interesting services (many not always fully baked), the best thing they do, in my opinion, is the same thing they originally did: search. Here are some tips for good searching: You shouldn’t ever need to to […]

Need tasks done at home or work? Check out the TaskRabbit website

I used TaskRabbit for the first time last week and highly recommend it if you have tasks, chores, errands you need done–for your home or your business.

Vizify – A Cuter, Simpler Facebook

                    If you use a computer today, you’re probably online or trying to get online.  And if you’re online, you probably have at least one social networking profile.  Whether you’re still sticking it out with Tom on MySpace or recently discovered the necessity of a LinkedIn […]

Culture Craver

Since moving to NY from DC I have been inundated with the amount of events going on in every corner of this city. I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan and the coordination of finding where the free snacks are happening in just those TWO boroughs has me running around every day. Along with […]

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