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Disable Apple Mail Inline Attachments

                            Some research the other day led me to a helpful blog post explaining how to stop attachments from showing a preview of a PDF and/or image. If you would like to make this the default behavior you’ll need to use the Terminal to […]

Apple Mail, IMAP, and special folders

Note: everything below can be generally applied to most any IMAP mail application, including Outlook, Thunderbird, and the version of Mail included in iOS. Only the details vary. Unfortunately, no standards exist as to what IMAP special folders should be called, so every mail host and IMAP client does things a little differently. When setting […]

IMAP Versus POP Mail on the Mac

There are 2 ways your email can be set up: POP and IMAP. Do you know the difference between POP and IMAP?

Entourage Database Problems on Your Mac

6 solutions for Entourage database problems on your Mac.

IMAP, Gmail, and Apple Mail–the combo

In this week’s issue of TidBITS (an incredible Mac resource, by the way–and they just had their 19th anniversary!), Joe Kissell has an article about IMAP, Gmail, and Apple Mail, and how he mixed and matched features and functions to get his email system working perfectly for his needs. The article is here:  The […]

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