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Identities in Outlook for Mac (like Entourage has)

How to “switch identities,” or user profiles, in Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011.

Why Entourage Sucks

Entourage causes so many problems, mostly due to its large database.

Reliable Entourage Backup Using Applescript

We wrote a custom Applescript for a client so that he could reliably back up his Entourage database using Carbon Copy Cloner.

IMAP Versus POP Mail on the Mac

There are 2 ways your email can be set up: POP and IMAP. Do you know the difference between POP and IMAP?

Entourage Database Problems on Your Mac

6 solutions for Entourage database problems on your Mac.

Moving to Outlook for Mac from Entourage: Tips

Tips and known issues with Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011, and upgrading from Entourage.

How to Back Up your Entourage Email on your Mac

Step by step instructions for backing up the Entourage email database on your Mac.

Entourage Web Services Edition gets jet lag

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about my work is that just when I think I’ve seen everything that can go wrong with a Mac, something new and crazy comes along. Well, that was sure the case today: an Entourage Web Services Edition user could suddenly no longer connect to her […]

Easy Archiving of Entourage Emails

What do you do when your Entourage email database gets huge? The best thing to do is to archive some of it. For example, perhaps every January you’d like to archive all emails older than 2 years. Well there are 2 different easy ways to do it. A program that’s been around for years and […]

How To Use Mail Merge in Office 2008 for Mac to Print a Holiday Mailing List on Labels

It’s that time of year, when everybody sends out cards to friends and family. Or in our case, we send out cards to a select list of clients and colleagues. We use Mail Merge to do it. If you have your address book in Entourage, it’s easy to create a mailing list and format it […]

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