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Calendar event corruption with Entourage/Outlook, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, and Exchange 2010

IvanExpert has discovered serious calendar-related bugs which arise in specific cases when Microsoft Outlook for Mac (or Entourage), iOS devices, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 are used together.

Identities in Outlook for Mac (like Entourage has)

How to “switch identities,” or user profiles, in Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011.

Why Entourage Sucks

Entourage causes so many problems, mostly due to its large database.

Microsoft Exchange for Mac

What are the advantages of using Microsoft Exchange with a Mac, instead of using Google Apps or MobileMe or another solution?

Export Your Outlook for Mac Contacts to an Excel Spreadsheet

Here are instructions on exporting your contact list in Outlook 2011 for Mac to an Excel spreadsheet.

IMAP Versus POP Mail on the Mac

There are 2 ways your email can be set up: POP and IMAP. Do you know the difference between POP and IMAP?

Entourage Database Problems on Your Mac

6 solutions for Entourage database problems on your Mac.

Moving to Outlook for Mac from Entourage: Tips

Tips and known issues with Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011, and upgrading from Entourage.

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