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Snow Leopard as guest in a virtual machine, part two

Update: The below was tested on Parallels Desktop 6. Commenters have reported that it doesn’t work on Parallels Desktop 7, which is indeed a drag. When I have some time I’ll take a closer look. Yesterday, I explained how to install Snow Leopard as a guest in Parallels (or presumably another virtualization product for Mac) […]

Snow Leopard as a Parallels/VMWare/VirtualBox guest OS

Update: The below was tested on Parallels Desktop 6. Commenters have reported that it doesn’t work on Parallels Desktop 7. I’ll be taking a closer look at some point. One bit of under-the-radar good news in Lion is that Apple has changed the licensing terms of their End User License Agreement: they now permit you […]

Appleā€™s web site still counts like a computer, even if Macs no longer do

While Snow Leopard counts in powers of 10, like humans do, Apple’s own software download page still counts in powers of 2, like computers (and those who program them) do. I noticed this because I was freaking out when the new Mac OS X 10.6.5 Combo Update clocked in at over a gigabyte while downloading […]

Free Software to Check Your Apps for Snow Leopard Compatibility

I just tried out SnowChecker, a free piece of software that goes through your applications and tells you whether the software you have, and the versions you have, are compatible with Snow Leopard. It’s a great idea, since it’s nice to know ahead of time what kind of headaches you’ll be in for–whether you need […]

Updated 1Password: Use It for Storing Lots of Personal Data

The 3.0 version of 1Password for Mac just came out–it is still in beta (test) version, but it’s stable enough to use regularly. And it’s the only version that works with Snow Leopard. I recently installed it and have been putting it through some paces. It looks much fancier, including mini icons for most of […]

Snow Leopard Printing Problems

A number of our clients have moved to Snow Leopard, and for the most part they are finding the transition smooth except for one thing: PRINTING. The old printer drivers no longer work under Snow Leopard. Furthermore, they don’t know where to go to get new drivers, nor do they know how to download and […]

Windows 7 vs Leopard

Walter Mossberg, the tech columnist at the Wall Street Journal, wrote an article today on the new Windows 7, which he says is a huge improvement over Vista. In fact he says Windows 7 may be as good as Mac OS X. Here are a few places where he says the Mac still beats Windows: […]

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