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Google Apps and Mac

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A custom email address hosted at Google Apps can make your small business look as professional as a Fortune 500 company.

Google Apps brings all the features of Gmail to businesses of any size. It stores your company mail, calendars, and contacts in the Google "cloud,” and seamlessly syncs this data across Macs, iPhones, and Android phones.

How we can set up your company for Google Apps:

  • We can register a new domain name (for example, yourcompany.com) and set it up for Google Apps
  • If you already own a domain, we can set it up to receive mail at Google Apps
  • We can create email addresses for your team
  • We can set up your Macs to send and receive email using Apple Mail or Outlook for Mac
  • We can set up iPhones and Android phones to sync calendar, contacts, and mail
  • We can migrate your existing mail, calendar, and contacts to Google Apps

Call us at (212) 353-3310 or email us at smallbusiness@ivanexpert.com for more information on how we can help you set up or manage a Google Apps account for your business.

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