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Microsoft Exchange and Mac

Your business no longer needs to have a Windows PC on every desktop and an expensive in-office Exchange server to get the capabilities that Microsoft Exchange offers. Microsoft's Office 365 service can include Exchange, and numerous other companies offer it as well.

By subscribing to a hosted Exchange account, your team can sync emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes between the Mac and an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android phone. Syncing happens instantly and wirelessly.

Exchange is also the superior solution for any company that prefers to be on Outlook for Mac instead of Apple's Mail program.

We have years of experience with Microsoft Exchange, and we know how to set up Exchange on the Mac for maximum productivity.

We can provide Exchange with Mac information and help in the following areas:

  • Whether Office 365 or another provider is the best Exchange host for your needs
  • Setup of your hosted Exchange provider with a current email address, or a new one
  • Setup of Microsoft Outlook to wirelessly synchronize mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes between the Mac and a smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android)
  • Migration of email, contacts, and calendars to Exchange
  • Setup of employee contact and calendar sharing
  • Web access to email, calendar, and contacts
  • Advise regarding issues specific to Mac users with Exchange

Call us at (212) 353-3310 or email us at smallbusiness@ivanexpert.com to learn more about how you can benefit from using Exchange on your Mac, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android phone.

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