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Apple TV and Roku

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The Apple TV may be tiny, but it comes loaded with options. It vastly expands the available content for your television, including:

  • Play shows and movies from iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Showtime
  • Watch videos from YouTube and TV shows from Hulu
  • See MLB and NBA games
  • Stream video and photos to your television from your Mac using iTunes, or from your iPad using AirPlay

Let us take care of your Apple TV setup so that you get the best-quality HDTV video, and easy access to downloaded or streaming content.

An alternative to Apple TV is Roku. Or we can set up a Slingbox, which allows you to watch live TV and shows from your home DVR on your iPad or iPhone.

If you're thinking about cord-cutting (ending your subscription to cable TV service), we can offer advice on which devices and which subscriptions fit your needs.

Call us at (212) 353-3310 or email us at help@ivanexpert.com to learn more about how an Apple TV setup, Roku setup, or Slingbox setup can improve the TV-watching experience in your home.

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