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NYC Mac Support: IvanExpert versus the Apple Store Genius Bar

The Apple Store Genius Bar is a free service for Mac, iPad, and iPhone owners, but it has drawbacks. You have to bring your computer to them, and they are limited to helping you with repairing Apple hardware, providing warranty service, and checking out general Mac issues.

For everything else, there's IvanExpert. Here's what we can do for you that the Genius Bar can't:

  • Come to your home, at a time that's convenient for you (including evenings and weekends)
  • Provide assistance with non-Apple hardware and software (including Microsoft Office)
  • Solve a network or internet problem
  • Solve sync problems (especially with an Android or BlackBerry mobile device)
  • Advise on the pros and cons of Mac hardware or software solutions, including iPad and iPhone

Does this sound like what you need? If so, call us at (212) 353-3310 or email us at help@ivanexpert.com

    (212) 353-3310