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Where to Buy Cool Tech Gifts

Last year's holiday newsletter had a list of 5 places to get great tech gifts, both in NYC and online. The stores on last year's list:

AC Gears


Spy Shops



Here is this year's list of 5 different stores, some in New York and some online only.

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New IvanExpert Website

Usually our newsletters are about some bit of Apple news or a cool new gadget. This one is about us!

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Apple Announcements: MacBook Air, iLife '11, FaceTime, and Lion

Guess what? Apple announced some new stuff again, just in time for the holidays. Here's the roundup. First off, Apple is selling approximately 30 billion Macs every thirty seconds. Ok, we're exaggerating, but they're doing really well, opening new stores all over the world, and the sun shines brightly in Cupertino and in the hearts of those of us who support Apple products.

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Is Your Head in the Cloud?

Everyone's talking about computers and "the cloud." So what's this cloud stuff, you ask? It's not so complicated. "The cloud" is simply a computer offsite (not in your home or office) that's specifically set up to store your data. Usually you pay a company a monthly fee to store your data on their computers at their facility—much like you would pay Gotham Super Storage each month to rent a storage unit for boxes or furniture. Why would you want your data elsewhere than in your home or office? Here are the top reasons: backup, sync, and storing and sharing files.

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New iPods, New Apple TV, New iTunes

Apple hasn't been resting, and shortly after our last newsletter in which we recapped some of their recent product updates, Steve Jobs held a press conference to introduce another slate of new products and updates. Here they are!

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Apple News Roundup

A couple of months ago, Apple made a big news splash with the release of iPhone 4. But they haven't stood still. What have they been up to since then? We're here to tell you.

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iPhone 4

Well, it's here. Apple has a new baby: iPhone 4 goes on sale today. (iPad must be jealous.) Well, pre-sale. You'll still have to wait until the 24th to actually get one in your hands.

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So what is social media, anyway?

Lots of our clients have been asking us: So what is social media? Here's a primer.

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...iPad!

We got our iPad on Saturday.

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