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Holiday Tech Gifts for 2013

Chanukah comes early this year (November 27)! And Christmas comes, well, December 25th...

These are the coolest tech products we've seen this year, in a few different categories. So whether you're looking for a small stocking stuffer or a truly special gift, we've got some ideas for you. Some of these are available only online, so order soon.


Gifts for iPad 

ZAGGkeys keyboards for iPad
This company makes the most beautiful and useable keyboards, for all versions ranging from the mini to the Air. Prices range from $80 to $130. Check out the ZAGGkeys cover with backlit keyboard for the iPad mini.

Speck HandyShell Case for iPad mini
This iPad mini case has a ring on the back that can be used as a kickstand (for horizontal or vertical viewing), an easy way to hold it in one hand, or a way to hang it from a hook or cabinet. Comes in black with red accent, or white with blue accent. $50.

Fisher Space Pen with Stylus
I've always been a fan of the Fisher space pen, looking like a silver bullet. Now there's a version with a pen on one end, and a stylus on the other. $25. 

Jot Touch
This high-end stylus, in gunmetal or red, is pressure-sensitive and connects to the iPad using Bluetooth. Write or draw as naturally as using pen on paper. Great gift for the note-taker or the artist. $90. 


Gifts for iPhone 

Speck SmartFlex View for iPhone 5 and 5s
This iPhone case has a secret weapon--a little kickstand pops out of the back, so it sits propped on the table for easy FaceTime chatting or hands-free viewing. Comes in black, gray, purple, and blue. $35. (There's also a model for the iPhone 4 and 4s.) 

Works as both a wall dock for your iPhone 5 or 5s, and as a cord tamer for your iPhone Lightning cable. All in a super portable package. $10.

Wallet TrackR
The perfect gift for anyone who loses wallets or keys (or bags) on a regular basis. This tiny device slips into a wallet or attaches to a key ring. Then use the iPhone app to track where it is -- or to make the device sound an alarm. $30 for 1 TrackR, $40 for 2, $80 for 4. 


Musical Gifts

These in-ear headphones are guaranteed never to hurt or to fall out, and they're water resistant too. Comes in various colors. $30 for just the headphone version; $40 for the version with the microphone (for phone calls). Plus they have some over-the-ear versions too.

Grado SR60i Prestige headphones
These aren't expensive yet they deliver fantastic sound. $79. 

Jawbone Mini Jambox
This small, elegant speaker comes in 9 colors, and at just 1 x 6 inches it fits in almost any pocket. Plus it's wireless! $180.


Photography Gifts

Easy-Macro Universal Smart Phone Lens Band
This rubber band has a built-in macro lens -- wrap it around the iPhone (or other smartphone), make sure the lens is over the phone lens, and take detailed, close-up photos of anything. $15.

Impossible Instant Photo Lab
Turn iPhone photos into actual printed Polaroids. $299. And don't forget to buy Impossible Project Polaroid film too! $23 per pack.

This gadget makes an iPhone into a remote trigger for a DSLR. Comes in versions for Canon and Nikon. $30.



Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer Workstation
This small synthesizer has max capabilities, and isn't much larger than an iPad. $849. 

Grado PS1000 headphones
These headphones must be truly incredible….at $1695!

MakerBot Replicator
This desktop 3D printer can make practically anything in plastic that your recipient can dream up (anything smaller than a breadbox, anyway) -- and there are lots of free designs on the web as well. 


(November 2013)

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