Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know you can be much more productive by using keyboard commands instead of moving the mouse? Each time you take your hands off the keyboard, even if it's just to move to the mouse, it slows you down. 

Our top keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Command N: Open new document or window
  • Command P: Print
  • Command S: Save 
  • Command C: Copy 
  • Command V: Paste
  • Command Z: Undo the last thing you did
  • Command Tab: Move from one open application to another

As subscribers to our newsletter, you can download a copy of our Mac Keyboard Shortcuts booklet, which lists all the top keyboard commands. Follow the instructions to open, print, and assemble it. Put it next to your iMac or carry it around with your MacBook, so it's always on hand.  

Download the Mac Keyboard Shortcuts booklet here.

(April 2011)

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