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New IvanExpert Website

Usually our newsletters are about some bit of Apple news or a cool new gadget. This one is about us!

IvanExpert Website

We're proud to announce the new IvanExpert website. Check it out here: http://www.ivanexpert.com

The new site shows off our new look, and it includes lots more content. The Newsletters page collects all our newsletters over the years, and the Resources section has products, links, and tips to help you take full advantage of what your Mac (and iPad and iPod and iPhone) can do.

We're still tweaking and improving it—and we look forward to your feedback.

We want to be a resource on all things Apple for anybody who doesn't want to spend the time keeping up with the latest news. To that end, there are a few other ways to get Apple and tech info from us:


Check out the IvanExpert Blog. We write one or two new blog posts per week. You can sign up on the blog main page to have each new blog post delivered to you via email. Or you can check back to the site regularly to see what's new.


We post tech tips and tidbits we think you'll find interesting. Follow us at @IvanExpertMac or visit our Twitter page.


Keep up with us on our Facebook page—all our blog posts and some of our Twitter posts are collected there. Become a fan of IvanExpert on FB, and post something to our wall.

Extra: The Beatles

In case you didn't hear Apple's big news: The Beatles catalog is now available on iTunes, starting today.

(November 2010)

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