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Our New iPhone Contact App!

Now up in the iPhone app store: Our IvanExpert app that makes it easy to contact us for Mac, iPhone, or iPad support. 

Simply launch the app and click on the "call us" button or the "email us" button. No need to search for our phone number or email address.

Click on the "more" tab for bonus content. Right now it's our Twitter feed; check back regularly, as we'll be changing it up. (There's also a hidden article: Quit the IvanExpert app, put your iPhone in Airplane Mode, and then relaunch the app to get our top 5 Mac troubleshooting tips!)

To get our app on your iPhone, search in the App Store for "IvanExpert" or use this link.


This app is also available for customization for other businesses! So if your company would like an app to make it easy for clients to contact you, email Caroline at caroline@ivanexpert.com for more information.


(February 2014)

(212) 353-3310