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Mac on a Windows Network

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If your office has both Macs and PCs, we can make it easy to share files and printers, and to exchange information between Mac and Windows computers. Your mixed IT environment can be simple and productive instead of incompatible and frustrating.

Some of the solutions we can implement:

  • Connect a Mac to a company Windows file server 
  • Set up a Mac to share files with PCs
  • Ensure documents are accessible on both Mac and PC computers 
  • Set up a Mac to print to the office printer
  • Set up a Mac with remote access to a Windows server
  • Set up a Mac with remote access to a PC workstation
  • Set up a Mac to use a central printer and scanner

Call us at (212) 353-3310 or email us at smallbusiness@ivanexpert.com for assistance with Mac-PC networking.

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